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Ease Your Path to Salesforce Lightning

Long-time users of Salesforce rightfully have been leery of migrating from the original user interface, called Classic, to a new user interface called Lightning.  Launched in 2015, Lightning is a modern user interface that facilitates customization without code, enables a consistent, responsive experience across devices from PC to tablet to mobile, and makes it easy to connect a growing number of apps into the Salesforce interface for seamless user operations. Lightning is different from Classic in significant ways, and therefore needs to be approached with intent.

The West Coast Consulting Group team has worked with customers in every stage of Lightning adoption: from new Salesforce deployments over the past few years that started with Lightning and optimized their processes with Lightning-only capabilities, to long-time Classic users who have gone through the upgrade, to organizations for whom the time is not right to migrate from Classic but are working with us to develop their plan. We want to share the benefits of our customers’ experiences with you. (more…)

The State of Healthcare Digital Transformation in the Era of COVID-19

The healthcare industry has been catapulted to the forefront of our attention over the past several months, and has performed heroically.  All healthcare workers, whatever their role, deserves the rounds of applause, all the howls, each and every banging pot and pan, and a million times more, at 7 pm and at every other hour of every day.  West Coast Consulting cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.

The healthcare industry’s rapid pivot to accelerate testing, diagnosis, and treatment during a pandemic has pushed into the background other operational concerns for now. But other operational  challenges remain, and their importance will re-emerge:  a need to improve the quality of all healthcare services and thus the outcomes; a continued drive to reduce costs; and a mandate to improve productivity and efficiency at the same time.  While healthcare IT transformation initiatives are not top of mind at the moment, their long-term benefits are still compelling.  And there are some fundamentals that can and, quite frankly, should be managed in the interim. (more…)

Digital workflows enables city to govern effectively

working from home

You’ve probably seen this digital transformation meme:

It’s funny because it’s true: the current pandemic and associated social distancing lockdown has served as the most compelling event imaginable to accelerate how many of us have transitioned to working virtually.

Even industry sectors that have long been perceived as the most resistant to change, including the public sector, have stepped up to the “new normal,” and are taking advantage of cloud applications to perform their business digitally. (more…)

West Coast Consulting Among CIO Applications’ Top 25 Solutions Providers for Salesforce Customers

The West Coast Consulting team is honored to have been included in CIO Applications’ 2019 list of the Top 25 solutions providers for Salesforce customers.  The main reason the WCG team has been included in this list is our ongoing commitment to innovation, and not just for the sake of innovating.  We bring our combined expertise in business process design and the Salesforce solution set to creating client environments that deliver measurable value in greater efficiencies, faster and more accurate processes, and expanded revenue streams.

The CIO team did a great job writing up some of our relevant experiences, and you can read more about it here.

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20 Years of Salesforce, 15 years of West Coast Consulting Group!

It’s been a lot of fun to follow the media coverage of Salesforce, describing the incredible achievements of Marc Benioff and Parker Harris and the entire team over the past twenty years.  One of our favorite photos was in the San Francisco Chronicle of Mark and Parker outside of Mama’s Cafe in North Beach.  One of the West Coast Consulting Group team’s favorite spots is just across the street at the Liguria Bakery, where we try to show up early to get our focaccia before they sell out!  It’s interesting to think about how all three of these things – Mama’s, Liguria Bakery and Salesforce – are San Francisco institutions, and on the 20th anniversary of Salesforce we thought about what this particular institution, that today reaches all parts of the globe, means to us.

2004: What a Year!
West Coast Consulting Group started in 2004, a bunch of enterprise software and business process optimization specialists from large tech firms and systems integrators coming together to bring our expertise to Silicon Valley companies.  Our mission was to codify their processes in software.  And one day we were standing outside of our SoMa offices and a taxi drove by with an ad with that now-iconic cloud logo and the tagline “No Software.”  What was this?!  We immediately investigated, had our first meeting with the Salesforce team and from that point, there was no looking back.

Our team was one of the first teams trained, certified and gainfully employed to deliver Salesforce implementations back in the day when the Salesforce platform was essentially only what SalesCloud is today.  We were among the first 500 to be certified, and we have a plaque to prove it! (more…)

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