West Coast Consulting Group is helping nonprofit and public sector organizations focus on their mission and get closer to their constituents.

Our consultants work with clients to reduce time from policy formulation to program execution.

These days, public sector organizations of all categories are increasingly challenged to perform like their equivalents in the private sector. Under close scrutiny, they need to focus on their mission and find ways to better serve their constituents.

Our engagements have helped public sector organizations reduce costs and improve quality of service to match expectations created in the private sector. We leverage technology to improve performance, and help your organization to become more agile and customer-focused. Using our program management expertise, you can drive technology initiatives successfully from formulation to implementation.

For non-profit organizations we work with donations and individuals to implement systems that improve the donor experience and increase philanthropic activity. Our domain expertise includes:

  • Systems replacement using innovative technology
  • Technology program management
  • Develop and launch cloud applications
  • Launch and management of renewable energy initiatives
  • Implement cloud computing solutions from Salesforce.com and Google Enterprise