West Coast Consulting focuses on client issues, needs and values. We are flexible in our engagement approach and work to deliver value for the engagements that we are awarded.

Client Value

Our teams assess scope, client culture, and critical success factors for each engagement and then commit to delivering outstanding value. This allows us to focus on true profitability for our clients and avoids staffing up teams to maximize our revenues. We reward our employees on the value they add to the client instead of pure revenue from our engagements. If we do not provide value or do not see the need for our services, we inform the client about our assessment and disengage from the project.

Flexible Engagements

We do not have pre-determined fixed sized teams but work in the initial phase of the engagement to identify the needs and scope of the program. We determine our approach and customize our methodology to fit deadlines, existing team expertise, other vendor expertise that the client already has in place and utilize them rather than duplicate efforts or skills. Our approach is flexible – we partner with our clients and their vendors to create a successful team and achieve the desired client goals.

Client Engagement diagram