Mastering debt collection has become more important than ever. Successful companies manage their collections process with a repeatable and systematic workflow that documents critical information. At the same time this process needs to allow collectors enough flexibility for their own account management strategies.

Collectors should be supported in documenting account activities throughout the collections cycle and providing them with automatic reminders when to take action. Additionally, they have to manage payment promises and customer calls with up-to-date customer call notes and billing information.

CloudCollect is a collections management solution that implements industry best practices and provides collectors with the power to manage the collections cycle via a single application. It is based on the leading cloud computing platform from and provides seamless integration of collections with on-demand customer care, billing, and more, all from within a single interface.

Built-in CTI integration enhances the productivity of the collections team with automatic dialing and call distribution as well as logging of call information directly in the collections system.

Key Features

  • Automate the entire collections activity cycle with triggers and workflows, managing tasks and activities
  • Escalations, status updates, payment processing, write-off, outside collection agency assignment
  • Predefined reports and dashboards help track agent and customer performance to better understand customer payment and response to collection actions
  • Control the treatment of accounts by customizing workflows and fields
  • Track performance by implementing and monitoring commitments
  • Soft-phone integration for automatic dialing, call distribution and logging
  • Store detailed notes and attachments for each account
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