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How Medical Device Sales Integrator can help optimize your healthcare operations

How large was the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on healthcare operations? It may be a while until we know the full impact, but this much is certain: healthcare providers are now transforming at the same pace, if not faster, than other industries.  And their transformation is occurring at a time when their patients have rapidly changing needs and expectations.  As a result, healthcare providers’ transformation objectives are two-fold: optimize and improve operations for better outcomes, and deliver better experiences in previously underheard of ways.

Ubiquitous connectivity of both people and devices has altered patients’ experiences and expectations about their healthcare. Patients no longer have to be physically present in a clinic or with a doctor to receive diagnoses, discuss treatment and monitor progress. And as their digital intelligence increases, they expect to interact with their doctors, and the entire healthcare network. on their terms, which means how, when and wherever they are.

To achieve these objectives, healthcare providers face myriad technical challenges. These challenges include, among other things:

  • unifying patient data and making it available across processes and providers,
  • automating patient outreach and follow-up to deliver the best experience and care, and
  • using machine learning and intelligence to drive patient interactions and improve the overall quality of care.

Contact West Coast today to explore options for your healthcare business to adopt process automation, data unification, AI and machine learning, and intelligent dashboards.


January 27th, 2022|Categories: Healthcare|

Ease Your Path to Salesforce Lightning

Long-time users of Salesforce rightfully have been leery of migrating from the original user interface, called Classic, to a new user interface called Lightning.  Launched in 2015, Lightning is a modern user interface that facilitates customization without code, enables a consistent, responsive experience across devices from PC to tablet to mobile, and makes it easy to connect a growing number of apps into the Salesforce interface for seamless user operations. Lightning is different from Classic in significant ways, and therefore needs to be approached with intent.

The West Coast Consulting Group team has worked with customers in every stage of Lightning adoption: from new Salesforce deployments over the past few years that started with Lightning and optimized their processes with Lightning-only capabilities, to long-time Classic users who have gone through the upgrade, to organizations for whom the time is not right to migrate from Classic but are working with us to develop their plan. We want to share the benefits of our customers’ experiences with you. (more…)

The State of Healthcare Digital Transformation in the Era of COVID-19

The healthcare industry has been catapulted to the forefront of our attention over the past several months, and has performed heroically.  All healthcare workers, whatever their role, deserves the rounds of applause, all the howls, each and every banging pot and pan, and a million times more, at 7 pm and at every other hour of every day.  West Coast Consulting cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.

The healthcare industry’s rapid pivot to accelerate testing, diagnosis, and treatment during a pandemic has pushed into the background other operational concerns for now. But other operational  challenges remain, and their importance will re-emerge:  a need to improve the quality of all healthcare services and thus the outcomes; a continued drive to reduce costs; and a mandate to improve productivity and efficiency at the same time.  While healthcare IT transformation initiatives are not top of mind at the moment, their long-term benefits are still compelling.  And there are some fundamentals that can and, quite frankly, should be managed in the interim. (more…)

Feel Like a Genius with Einstein for Your Business

Businesses large and small alike can find themselves swimming in data: data about their customers, data about their operations, data about their market, and so much more.  In the digital economy, with more software, more devices, more mobility and more connected things, we as individuals, as employees, and as consumers generate clouds of “digital dust,” and the task of making sense of data has catapulted to the top of the priority list for the most innovative companies.

As a salesforce.com customer, you have a couple of options to utilize tools that they provide to analyze your business data, both the data that is resident within your salesforce instance and even data that is stored in other applications or data stores.  These two solutions are:

  • The Einstein family or analytics platforms for native salesforce data, such as Sales Cloud Analytics, Marketing Cloud Analytics and more;
  • Einstein Discovery, the newest entry in the salesforce solution set that performs predictive analytics (more on that in a minute) on any data source, including data sources from outside of salesforce. 


Is It Time For Lightning?

Change is hard.  Changing our personal behaviors is hard enough, so changing a team’s processes or those of an entire organization consisting of n individuals is harder to the nth degree.  But there will always be opportunities to change for the better, and moving to Salesforce’s Lightning user interface (UI), a revamp of what is now called the “Classic” UI, has a lot of good things to offer your team.  To help you manage your organizational challenges when considering and executing your Lightning upgrade, West Coast Consulting Group wanted to summarize a recommended approach that has worked for our customers.

The Salesforce Lightning experience is a significant step in the platform’s evolution, delivering not only a new graphical look and feel to your reports and dashboards, but a host of new features that deliver both increased user productivity and embedded analytics that will make your business more efficient, whether you are a small business with a handful of Salesforce users or a large multinational corporation. (more…)