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Patient-Centric Health Care

Healthcare provider operations are a complex balancing act of pressures from numerous stakeholders with a lot of influence: payers/insurance companies, local and national regulators, and suppliers and pharmaceutical companies with a lot of influence, just to name some.  But in the middle of these sometimes-opposing forces sits the patient, and today’s healthcare companies are looking for ways to evolve their operations to ensure the patient is at the center. Patient-centric healthcare processes ensure that a provider can instill the greatest trust, increase satisfaction levels and maintain strong, ongoing relationships with each patient for a long time.

That’s why Salesforce created Health Cloud, a solution tailored for healthcare providers and consisting of a packaged configuration of its Service Cloud platform. (more…)

Healthcare Accelerator

Healthcare acceleratorThe healthcare industry has been rapidly changing over the past 3 years due to regulations such as the Affordable Care Act.  Because of these regulations and new outcome-based reimbursements, healthcare providers are treating patients like customers – putting patient relationships – not records or revenue-cycle management systems – at the center of how care is delivered.  As a result, providers are being more proactive than reactive in their treatment.

West Coast Consulting Group’s Healthcare Accelerator, released this year, is built on the Force.com platform.  It provides patient relation management and a 360 view of the healthcare patients enrolled in Payer programs, including Medicaid or Medicare. This healthcare accelerator package provides a comprehensive baseline for satisfying requirements of most insurance and caregiver agencies in managing their customer data. (more…)