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Use CloudCollect to improve your Collections Cycle

Small and large organizations alike have to manage the difficult task of collecting their customers’ bad debt.  But not all organizations have the same resources to do so. Large private companies employ fleets of collections agents to pursue customers for non-payment, and ultimately write down and sell off their bad debt for pennies on the dollar to third party collections agencies.  At the other end of the spectrum, smaller organizations often have no choice but to manage debt collection with a few team members who do this in addition to their regular day jobs. And public organizations like state and local governments, operating on tight budgets, often have little to no resources available to collect overdue payments and taxes from their constituents.

Regardless of the scope of your organization’s collections activity, there is one common and important thread: you will collect more debt if you reach out to your payers quickly, if you reach out in a personalized fashion, and if your outreach is flexible.  And the best way to act with speed, to be fully informed during your one-on-one interactions, and to understand what payment plans you might offer is to deploy intelligent, automated collections processes.

That’s where West Coast’s CloudCollect comes in.  A native Salesforce solution, available on the AppExchange, CloudCollect brings process automation and rich insights to your collections operations. Key features of CloudCollect include:

  • CloudCollect integrates with your billing, accounting and ERP systems to create a complete view of customer account and receivables status;
  • CloudCollect automatically creates collections actions and tasks that direct your customer outreach in email or by phone;
  • CloudCollect has a management dashboard providing insights into debtors, collector activity, and outstanding invoices and balances;
  • And more!

CloudCollect’s flexibility allows you to optimize your collections operations for both individual debtors as well as for your business customers.  Explore West Coast’s CloudCollect or contact us at 415-626-3493 or info@westcoastconsulting.com  today for more information.

February 23rd, 2022|Categories: Finance, Salesforce|

Ease Your Path to Salesforce Lightning

Long-time users of Salesforce rightfully have been leery of migrating from the original user interface, called Classic, to a new user interface called Lightning.  Launched in 2015, Lightning is a modern user interface that facilitates customization without code, enables a consistent, responsive experience across devices from PC to tablet to mobile, and makes it easy to connect a growing number of apps into the Salesforce interface for seamless user operations. Lightning is different from Classic in significant ways, and therefore needs to be approached with intent.

The West Coast Consulting Group team has worked with customers in every stage of Lightning adoption: from new Salesforce deployments over the past few years that started with Lightning and optimized their processes with Lightning-only capabilities, to long-time Classic users who have gone through the upgrade, to organizations for whom the time is not right to migrate from Classic but are working with us to develop their plan. We want to share the benefits of our customers’ experiences with you. (more…)

Is It Time For Lightning?

Change is hard.  Changing our personal behaviors is hard enough, so changing a team’s processes or those of an entire organization consisting of n individuals is harder to the nth degree.  But there will always be opportunities to change for the better, and moving to Salesforce’s Lightning user interface (UI), a revamp of what is now called the “Classic” UI, has a lot of good things to offer your team.  To help you manage your organizational challenges when considering and executing your Lightning upgrade, West Coast Consulting Group wanted to summarize a recommended approach that has worked for our customers.

The Salesforce Lightning experience is a significant step in the platform’s evolution, delivering not only a new graphical look and feel to your reports and dashboards, but a host of new features that deliver both increased user productivity and embedded analytics that will make your business more efficient, whether you are a small business with a handful of Salesforce users or a large multinational corporation. (more…)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

blog-roboticsRobotic Process Automation (RPA) is a virtual concept that is driven by software that sits on top of a company’s systems, applications and infrastructure. This software application examines data inputs into various systems, and using built-in logic, makes decisions previously made by an individual.

Robotic Process Automation is able to crunch large amounts of data quickly and effortlessly. The system may decide what action to take based on an individual’s credit score, request missing information or use information from third-party systems to update or verify key pieces of information.  (more…)

December 7th, 2016|Categories: Finance|
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