Healthcare provider operations are a complex balancing act of pressures from numerous stakeholders with a lot of influence: payers/insurance companies, local and national regulators, and suppliers and pharmaceutical companies with a lot of influence, just to name some.  But in the middle of these sometimes-opposing forces sits the patient, and today’s healthcare companies are looking for ways to evolve their operations to ensure the patient is at the center. Patient-centric healthcare processes ensure that a provider can instill the greatest trust, increase satisfaction levels and maintain strong, ongoing relationships with each patient for a long time.

That’s why Salesforce created Health Cloud, a solution tailored for healthcare providers and consisting of a packaged configuration of its Service Cloud platform.

 Service Cloud is a leading platform for customer service, delivering automated customer service workflows – bringing intelligence and efficiency to the interaction between the supplier and the customer – in an omnichannel environment, incorporating every way that people interact with each other today:  in person, on the telephone, on the internet, via email or through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Health Cloud employs these capabilities to optimize the interactions between the healthcare provider (the “supplier”) and the patient (the “customer”).

Salesforce Health Cloud Capabilities

Health Cloud deliver these core capabilities for optimizing provider-patient interactions:

  • Provides a comprehensive, detailed patient profile to the provider user on any device that he or she is using at the moment
  • Lays out the patient’s history in a timeline view
  • Recommends and prioritizes tasks based upon current status and provider-patient interaction
  • Integrates with patient Electronic Health Record (EHR) data
  • Connects and automatically pulls in data from patient personal medical devices like glucose levels, sleep patterns and activity metrics
  • Links with both professional and personal caregiver network data
  • Supports numerous models for provider and patient communications, from any device at any time

Some of the extended capabilities of the Salesforce Health Cloud solution deliver additional value to healthcare provider operations beyond provider-patient interactions, and support intelligent data analytics, patient acquisition and targeted communications.

Wave for Health Cloud: Risk Stratification

Wave for Health Cloud delivers pre-built dashboards that present patient information by risk criteria based upon the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hierarchical Condition Categories.  Through the Wave charts, tables and metrics presented the Health Cloud user, with HIPAA-compliant authorization, can explore the patient dataset and review trends that can be used to forecast treatment need and requirements. Health Cloud Wave displays risk score trends over time, patients by age group, trends across age groups, current and trends for patient condition distribution, enrollment numbers and trends, and finally enables the user to drill down to patient details for each patient in a particular category or filtered list within that category.

Lead to Patient Conversion

This Health Cloud feature makes it easy for organizations that already use the Salesforce platform for customer and contact management, or any other system that manages patient data, to seamlessly bring those records into the healthcare-specific service module.  Once those records become “patients” in Health Cloud, al of the core capabilities of associated EHR, medical device data, and provider-patient interaction workflows are automatically enabled.

Advanced Patient Segmentation

This feature allows a healthcare provider to work with its patient information and precisely segment and manage patient populations.  Geared towards hospitals, HMO and private healthcare companies, the advanced segmentation functionality creates complete and accurate patient lists with advanced filters.  Fine-tuned search creator produces data to drive proactive outreach, so that the provider can send targeted information to a particular community. Examples might include quality of life recommends for patients in a particular age group, or flu season recommendations to families with children of a certain age in a particular geography with a specific health history.

Salesforce Health Cloud’s advanced features deliver optimized data management, workflows and patient service capabilities for the health care provider of any size.  Contact the West Coast Consulting team today to learn more about how Health Cloud can improve your patient operations and patient satisfaction, and stay tuned for our next post about our Home Care Accelerator, customizing Salesforce Health Cloud for personal care providers.

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