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Digital workflows enables city to govern effectively

working from home

You’ve probably seen this digital transformation meme:

It’s funny because it’s true: the current pandemic and associated social distancing lockdown has served as the most compelling event imaginable to accelerate how many of us have transitioned to working virtually.

Even industry sectors that have long been perceived as the most resistant to change, including the public sector, have stepped up to the “new normal,” and are taking advantage of cloud applications to perform their business digitally. (more…)

A Customer Engagement Lesson From Portland’s TriMet MAX Light Rail

Last week I traveled to Portland for a customer meeting. The meetings were productive and I was leaving with a strong sense of collaboration and excitement from our customer. Portland is known for it’s great public transit system, TriMet, which means that most people don’t even use a car when visiting. When it was time to go, they urged me to take advantage of the city’s oft touted MAX light rail train to the airport. I was waiting for a Red Line train, but, as luck would have it, the Red Line was delayed due to an accident. (more…)

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