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Healthcare Accelerator

Healthcare acceleratorThe healthcare industry has been rapidly changing over the past 3 years due to regulations such as the Affordable Care Act.  Because of these regulations and new outcome-based reimbursements, healthcare providers are treating patients like customers – putting patient relationships – not records or revenue-cycle management systems – at the center of how care is delivered.  As a result, providers are being more proactive than reactive in their treatment.

West Coast Consulting Group’s Healthcare Accelerator, released this year, is built on the Force.com platform.  It provides patient relation management and a 360 view of the healthcare patients enrolled in Payer programs, including Medicaid or Medicare. This healthcare accelerator package provides a comprehensive baseline for satisfying requirements of most insurance and caregiver agencies in managing their customer data. (more…)

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Your services team is ready to jump in and help. But often they are slowed down by disconnected processes, systems, and information, or impacted by inefficient scheduling and systems that can’t keep pace with your business.

That’s why Salesforce has just announced Field Service Lightning.


Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a modern approach to field service that’s built for mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT). You can now unite customers, connected devices, agents, dispatchers, and employees in the field on one powerful service platform to deliver a seamless customer experience from phone to field.

It helps your organization to:

  • Create work orders from any case, fast
  • Manage complex assets
  • Schedule and dispatch work, intelligently
  • Manage and monitor technicians
  • Access information from any mobile device
  • Monitor performance in real time

Providing a truly differentiated and best-in-class service experience means meeting and exceeding your customer’s expectations at every interaction. Let our team help you assess if Field Service Lightning is right for your services team.

Contact us today at info@westcoastconsulting.com to schedule your free assessment.

By Benafsha Irani, Managing Partner, West Coast Consulting Group

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Desk.com versus Service Cloud

Choosing The Right Support App To Grow Your Business

If you’re trying to select a support app for your business there are enough options to make this task rather daunting. Two of the most talked about service-desk support tools are Desk.com and Service Cloud – both from Salesforce! By leveraging cloud-based tools to deliver outstanding service, companies will ensure that their customers are faithful to their products and even recommend them to their peers. Depending on the size and scope of your company, Desk.com or Service Cloud will help you meet and exceed your service goals and become a truly customer-focused organization. (more…)

Top 10 Checklist for your Service Cloud Deployment

With many successful Service Cloud implementations, West Coast Consulting Group has developed a top 10 checklist for deploying the Service Cloud to global call center operations.

Service Cloud Launch Photo

Below are ten steps we suggest following, prior to ‘Go-Live’:

1. Single Point of Contact
When going live, the level of activity and emotion tends to run high and things can be chaotic if there are too many points of contact. Having a designated single point of contact from the customer team minimizes noise and confusion and makes the cut-over go much more smoothly. (more…)

September 1st, 2014|Categories: Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Service Cloud|

Extending Your Salesforce.com for Service

Salesforce.com has the most sophisticated Service CRM solution today. When Salesforce launched it was a sales tool for tracking and monitoring interactions, purely from a sales perspective.  As the platform grew and customers had a need to integrate their service organization, Salesforce.com launched their call center application. Since its release in 2005, it has evolved significantly from its call center starting point to become a service platform across all channels. (more…)

September 4th, 2013|Categories: Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Service Cloud|