Can High Growth Business IT Keep Up With the Big Guys?

Keep Up With the Big Guys.
One of the things that we at West Coast Consulting Group like about working with fast growing businesses is their almost singular focus on customer service. And fast growing businesses aren’t always this way by choice; they often feel they have to make trade-offs with their limited resources when conducting their daily activity.  And when your resources are limited, the best fast-growing businesses will put their customers first.

This leaves them little time, if any, to focus on improving their business and taking advantage of technologies that have transformed companies with much larger budgets.  Data science.  Predictive analytics. Artificial intelligence. Cloud software and platforms. Mobile apps. The Internet of Things. The list goes on and on.  But who’s got time to figure out what this all means when you’re dealing with inventory management, promotions, customer communications, payroll, financial reporting, and just keeping the lights on? (more…)