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“As part of our Digital Transformation, we are now integrated with our Financial Systems for Capital and Clinical Sales, Approvals, Financial Reporting and Field Operations.”

– Head of Sales, Outset Medical, Inc.

“West Coast Consulting did an amazing job, from modeling our business processes all the way to the successful launch of robotic automation. They helped us bring down our data entry error rate by 50%, which reduced credit card cancellations by 27%.”

– Tia Alexander, Capital One

“West Coast Consulting was very good and quick to understand our needs. They were very good at helping us understand the capabilities of the software. Their involvement helped us cut deployment time in half.”

– Andre Coetser, Beutler Corp

“West Coast Consulting has helped us leapfrog into Cloud 2.o, complete with mobile access and social media, in an open, flexible, and user friendly system. They have expertly managed our business transformation.”

– CEO SolarWorks

“West Coast Consulting provided an excellent service and went above and beyond to implement our Marketing Cloud Ad Studio. Our Marketing Cloud instance was missing some elements to make Ad Studio work so Benafsha spent extra time working with Salesforce to make sure we were on the right path. I feel very prepared to work in Ad Studio on my own now. I would highly recommend West Coast Consulting and looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

– Alyson Chapin, Unicruise

“Being a small company, we needed a powerhouse team to help with our Salesforce integration. West Coast Consulting came onsite for two days and helped us clean up all our work flows and reporting. This was quite the task since we wanted to clean up the flow between Salesforce and Eloqua and our reporting with Omniture. We were extremely pleased with all that this team accomplished in two days.”

– Thamina Christensen, DOMO

“West Coast Consulting were the fourth or fifth group of Salesforce experts we worked with to get our Salesforce instance launched. The process was difficult, as we needed to do a fair amount of custom development to integrate with our existing e-commerce web site and ERP system. Along the way, we made several mistakes and worked with some professionals who failed to live up to their promises.”

“Our Salesforce account rep recommended West Coast Consulting, a firm several of his customers had worked with. They spent several hours understanding our objectives, legacy systems and work to that point. Then they crafted a lean estimate to get us up and running. To ensure a successful launch, they customized some forms and flows, enabled features none of the previous consultants had even informed us about and provided excellent training and documentation.”

– Robert Green, Transfer Flow

“West Coast Consulting did an excellent job at digitally transforming our processes and designing our Salesforce using Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud to manage our City of San Francisco constituents and their inquiries.

“Inquiries are submitted about various issues across Districts using this system and all our Supervisor Offices are using the system to interact with the Constituents on a daily basis.Outreach of our constituents is also being done using the Marketing Cloud and is integrated. A special thanks to West Coast Consulting for making this happen in a timely manner.”

– Alan Ehteshami, City & County of San Francisco

“West Coast Consulting was instrumental in our platform redesign. They provided valuable insight throughout the project and were strategic partners as well as developers. The new Sales and Service Cloud deployment has greatly increased our ability to accurately forecast sales volume and in turn has increased the effectiveness of business planning activities across the entire organization. We enjoyed working with the team and would highly recommend their services!”

– John Romano, Smith RX

“We were impressed, how West Coast Consulting worked with our Support, Sales Ops, IT, Renewals, and Finance organizations, to orchestrate a successful global Service Cloud launch.”

– Eric Kwok, A10 Networks

“West Coast Consulting Group did an outstanding job setting up a Salesforce donor management system that met the particular needs of our nonprofit organization. They are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. We would highly recommend them to other small to midsize organizations.”

– Bay Area Non-Profit