Transfer Flow Goes Live with Salesforce

The Challenge

Headquartered in Chico, California, Transfer Flow is an OEM fuel systems supplier for mobility, work trucks, and the mainstream automotive industry. The company employs over 100 people in northern California. After engaging with four consulting companies that failed to live up to their promises, Robert Green, Director of Sales and Marketing, was struggling to get his new Sales Cloud off the ground. He recalled: “After over a year and a significant investment, our leadership team’s patience was wearing very thin.” Based on a recommendation by his Salesforce Account Executive, Robert hired West Coast Consulting to get the CRM implementation back on track.

The Solution

West Coast Consulting’s team spent several hours understanding the organization’s objectives, and formulated a plan for customizing Sales Cloud to the required specifications. Roberts team had a complex sales cycle with intricate car specifications for the custom fuel storage devices. Sales used Excel sheets, hand-written notes, and hardcopies of the product manuals to manage the order process.

Robert’s goal was to connect Transfer Flow’s back-end ordering system with Salesforce to manage the sales pipeline and leverage Sales Cloud to manage the rapid growth and the increasing workload.

West Coast Consulting used industry best-practices to customize Salesforce Leads, Orders, and Opportunities, creating a seamless flow of information from the phone, or the order entry form on the company website to the backend order system, and into Sales Cloud.

Robert said: “West Coast Consulting got us up and running, and quickly started to extract a lot of the benefit and ROI we had been confident Salesforce could offer.”

The system went live about one month later. Sales orders can now be entered via phone, or online, and be managed at any stage of the sales and manufacturing process. Transfer Flow management has access to detailed information about product demand, available inventory, and the health of the overall sales and production pipeline.

Calculating shipping cost, which previously was a big issue, can now be done with a click of the mouse. The system also supports customers with getting their fuel system installed, either directly at the Transfer Flow factory, or by an authorized partner.


Since the Sales Cloud launch, the company has stopped using manual processes, leading to much improved transparency and visibility of their business. The entire customer sales experience has changes significantly, with Sales being able to provide vital information about products, their availability and their order status to their customers quickly and accurately.

Robert said: “After our initial attempts with other consultants, West Coast Consulting got us up and running faster than we thought possible,. I highly recommend West Coast Consulting to any firm launching a new Salesforce initiative, particularly if your Salesforce knowledge is minimal and you must really trust in a proficient and reliable professional to guide you along that path.”

Transfer Flow, Inc.


Chico, California

Mapped business processes

Customized Sales Cloud

Integrated Salesforce with ERP and company website

Launched Sales Cloud

Completed sales training