img-ss8SS8 Supports Enterprise Customers with Service Cloud Communities

The Challenge

SS8 is a leading provider of end-to-end communications and cyber intelligence solutions, headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company enables law enforcement agencies and national governments to collect and monitor voice and data from internet protocol and call detail records, to content such as webmail, search results, social media and chat – in accordance with local laws and standards.

Deborah Silberman, Senior Director of Operations knew that support reps were struggling with their Fortune 100 customers, who were calling in frequently for updates on their open cases, and were often frustrated when they did not get the information they needed.  A lack of transparency about case content and history turned out to cause the product team to be in a reactive mode, working on issues dictated by customers, rather than designing awesome new features. Deborah called West Coast Consulting for help.

The Solution

The West Coast Consulting team reassessed SS8’s business requirements and proceeded to implement Customer Communities in addition to the Salesforce Service Cloud. In less than three weeks, they deployed a system that allows customers to securely log on and view their own cases 24/7 and report on them to their management. Previously, cases were stored and managed in Clarify, which proved to be a bottleneck for support. West Coast Consulting’s team migrated all existing cases over to Service Cloud and made them available in the Customer Communities.


The impact of the new system on the support team was huge. Deborah recalled: “The number of inbound support calls dropped by over 50%. Customer satisfaction increased by 30%. Our enterprise customers love that they can now see the status of their support tickets in real time”.

SS8 customers see which tickets they have open, as well as the history of each case, notes from the support team, and the estimated completion date. This has freed up SS8’s support organization to focus on solving issues, rather than spending time on the phone with customers, looking up case data. “We are dealing with some of the largest companies in the world, so a 30% increase in customer support satisfaction means a lot to us”, said Deborah. An additional and unexpected result was that SS8 now has a lot more visibility into how customers are using their product features. The system provides the product management team with more insights into which functionality to prioritize for future product releases.

SS8 Networks, Inc.

High Tech

Milpitas, California

Deployed Customer Communities for Enterprise Fortune 100 Customers in 3 weeks

Successful case data migration from Clarify

Customer support call volume reduced by 50%

Customer satisfaction increased by 30%

Cloud solution with no investment in hardware or software