img-solarworksFrom Excel to iPad – Solar Works CRM Goes Mobile

The Challenge

Starting in 1986, John Parry, CEO and owner, built Solar Works from a one-person solar hot water business to a company that offers a full spectrum of renewable energy and resource conserving services for home, business and community. With over 500 successful PV installations, the company employs 20 people in their beautiful energy efficient Sebastopol, CA office and warehouse.

In October 2010 Solar Works decided to look for a CRM system to manage its growing customer base. Lisa Richie, Director of Marketing had used Salesforce at a previous job. The executive team decided to attend Dreamforce 2010, where they made the decision to go with Salesforce. They issued an RFP to 10 consulting partners, short-listed and interviewed three, and finally chose San Francisco based West Coast Consulting. “We decided to go with West Coast Consulting, because they took the time to analyze our business needs and transform them into a cost effective implementation plan. Being local, they established a great working relationship with our team right from the start ” said Lisa Richie.