Champion Broadband Goes From Paper to Mobile CRM in Just Three Weeks

The Challenge

img-championBased in Monrovia, California, Champion Broadband is a premier provider of advanced video, high-speed internet access and digital telephony services. The company’s service offering is supported by one of the most advanced networks in the cable and broadband industry.  Champion Broadband’s sales people are going door to door, writing notes of their meetings into their paper notebooks. At the end of the day they have to travel back to the office to submit their orders on paper to the office staff to get entered into the billing system.

Being on the road all day, the sales teams do not carry a computer and do not have a clear view of their opportunities once they are out of the office. Albert Lemus, SVP of Sales and Marketing, said: “We were looking for a reliable way to monitor sales activities and needed a system that would enable us to analyze pipeline and overall sales performance.”