Beutler Corporation, headquartered in Sacramento, California, is an energy systems and services company that installs residential and commercial heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, low voltage and solar systems throughout California and Northern Nevada.

The company was looking for a CRM system to provide high visibility of customer, account, and opportunity information, to manage marketing campaigns, and to automate process flows throughout the marketing and sales cycles. The system needed to accommodate Business to Business, as well as Business to Consumer relationships across the various product divisions. Significantly different marketing and sales process and project flows each required a unique customer relationship management approach.

Beutler Corporation turned to West Coast Consulting for help.

The Solution

Beutler’s Advanced Comfort & Energy Systems division (ACES) required immediate attention, because they needed to take advantage of a government rebate program, which would soon run out. West Coast Consulting met with the Director of Operations, Ali Cakus and his team, to understand the existing business processes, optimize them, and map them to Salesforce functionality. Key design criteria were simplicity and usability, to help drive user adoption.

The consulting team proceeded to configure Sales Cloud for ACES, implementing processes that involve large numbers of consumer leads, generated through a variety of marketing initiatives, including email, web, phone, radio and television ads.

West Coast Consulting set up a complex contract management system, including approval processes, which was critical to the rebate program and required significant customization. Site visit information was provided for sales representatives to capture customer data during customer visits. Social media was an important component of ACES, so the team implemented Chatter as well as Facebook and Twitter integration.

Next the consulting team migrated years of customer data from an old homegrown CRM system over to Sales Cloud. They defined a structure for outbound campaigns and created a number of custom reports per the requirements of ACES. The CEO received a dedicated dashboard, which allowed him to track progress of the rebate program in real time.


The ACES business unit successfully rolled out their solution in time to take advantage of the rebate program. Other business units were deployed based on the ACES implementation. Beutler’s sales teams are able to seamlessly find, track and manage opportunities from lead to close. Clear win/loss reports provide visibility into customer and builder relationships.

Business processes are now consistently implemented in Salesforce, allowing Beutler’s management to track contracts, products, sales and marketing in real time across all divisions. This positions the company to pursue its aggressive growth targets over the coming years.

Beutler Corporation


Sacramento, California

Deployed Sales Cloud for Beutler Corporation

Successful data migration from homegrown CRM

Full social media integration

Simple and easy to use design helps drive user adoption

Cloud solution with no investment in hardware or software