Customized Salesforce Service Cloud Helps YesVideo Call Center

The Challenge

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, YesVideo converts film, photos and videos to DVD and online media formats. Customers view, edit and share their videos in the cloud. They can drop off their personal pictures and movies at one of YesVideo’s 34,000 retail partner locations or upload them online. Major retail partners include Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco, CVS Pharmacy, Wolff, Ritz and others.

YesVideo manages a volume of 10,000 incoming customer calls per week, with questions ranging from the status of their order to detailed technical issues. The company was using in their call center for 5 years. They had never customized the system, but used the out-of-the-box functionality to enter cases, store notes and customer information as inquiries were coming in. Instead of managing cases, each new inquiry would create a new record in Salesforce, which was not connected to the existing cases. The system did not support follow-up or case resolution, nor did it provide analysis of the available information.

Call center managers wanted to know what type of calls were coming in, how to prioritize them, and whether it was a retail store or their direct customers calling. They were manually tracking store discounts and pricing of the individual stores, which impacted the quality of customer support and made it hard to scale operations.

The Solution

West Coast Consulting deployed a team of expert call center consultants, who spent four months implementing a system that fit the business requirements of YesVideo. They customized Salesforce, and created a structure that supports different case types, allowing prioritization. Automated workflows assign cases to different groups. They cleaned up the abundantly available customer case data and migrated it into the new system. YesVideo President Lisa McCabe recalls: “Segmenting our cases allowed us to monitor our case queues and helped us to better focus on our direct channel and retail stores”.

When customers call in, YesVideo representatives can now look up their existing cases by store, name, order number, phone number, UPS tracking number and more. A new integrated calendar allows call center reps to check in real-time, which discounts are running in different stores.

The consulting team integrated Salesforce with YesVideo’s homegrown order management system, enabling call center reps to drill through to the original order information, while the customer is on the phone. A console view allows reps to see all relevant customer data on one screen, including case, account, contact, and order management information.

The new Chatter desktop eliminated the use of Yahoo! Messenger, which was lowering productivity in the call center. Chatter allows for easy and instant corporate-wide notifications for all call center announcements.

Finally the consultants created customized reports and dashboards that allow YesVideo employees to analyze their data based on their role which was sent directly to their mobile devices on a daily basis.


Since the implementation, YesVideo has been closing out cases faster and more efficiently than ever. “West Coast Consulting re-launched our Service cloud using best practices that improved our call center performance by 35%” said Lisa McCabe.

By grouping cases, solutions can be identified and shared quickly and easily. Customer service quality has improved significantly, as call center reps now have all relevant customer information at their fingertips. One side effect of the new system design was that YesVideo dramatically reduced their recurring data storage cost in the cloud.

Dashboards allow managers to track success metrics like processing time, store performance, training requirements and more. For the first time, they were able to analyze and compare the performance of their different channels. As a result, they created a new direct channel, providing end-users access to their service.

YesVideo continues to grow aggressively, but now the company is well positioned to absorb the additional workload with the existing staff, because productivity has been improved and call-handling time reduced significantly. Less than a year after the Service Cloud re-launch, YesVideo won the Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year award by Best in Biz, and Lisa Mc Cabe was promoted to President.



Santa Clara, California

Service cloud redesign and launch in four months

Successful, complex data migration

Order management system integration

Automated workflows assign cases

Service console shows all data on one page

Mobile access

Chatter links internal communications

Custom reports and dashboards enable business analysis

Improved productivity and customer service